We Are Now The Academy of Las Animas Online

We're proud to tell you that AIM Global and Immersion Schools are now Academy of Las Animas. Back in February, the Las Animas School District board voted to move our current AIM Global and Immersion students’ education provider to a new online system to be owned and operated by the Las Animas School District. We’re here to tell you why.  

Although we made this change, our commitment to ensuring that your student receives a high-quality online education remains the same.  

The Las Animas School District is the authorizer for the online curriculum for families like yours, providing alternative educational choices and the tools for students to receive a more well-rounded education. After careful consideration and deliberation, we are confident that this new direction will deliver on this promise. 

Everyone faces more challenges than ever before. To this end, we are committed to meeting the needs of our parents and students today and tomorrow.

To reach this decision, we relied on the core values that serve us well.

Teachers make the difference.

We have the utmost respect for teachers and the teacher-student-parent relationship. So we are returning to our fundamentals, with students interacting with real, certified, and licensed teachers who specialize in the subjects they know inside out.  


Community makes a difference.

Our new system ensures meaningful connections by giving students opportunities to socially interact via drop-in zones and learning pods. Teachers, parents, and students will work together in new, innovative ways to ensure greater success. Now—and later in life.


Education first.

We always put a student’s education first, before business. No exceptions. 

Every student moves forward. Every single one.

Your student is our priority.

Every student will retain his or her progress, along with all accomplishments. His or her information will remain safe and secure.

Your student will be able to finish out the remainder of this semester without any disruption. In fact, if you take no action, your child will be automatically re-enrolled in our new system next year.


We promise transparency.

We will communicate any information we receive about our new system at the earliest opportunity. In the very near future, you will be able to meet your teachers, join our open house, and learn more about our newest innovations in your child’s online education.


You have a choice when it comes to online education providers.

Our promise is to provide your family with a better educational opportunity. One with real teachers. Locally focused. Community-based.


We are excited to share with you everything that will make your student’s education successful. Look for follow-up communications. Emails. Notices. Handouts. All coming soon.

If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please reach out to Brian Repola at brian.repola@la-schools.net.

Thank you for your continued support.



Steven Gallegos

President, Las Animas School Board of Directors